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Spot Prawn Avocado Toast

Avocado toast, at its core, is a deliciously simple dish. There's a reason it's become so popular. It's also a great platform (both literally and figuratively) for propping up ingredients with subtle flavors.

My first thought was do this with Crabmeat, and will likely still do that in the near future. However, when I came home with a limit of freshly caught Spot Prawns, and happened to have some perfectly ripe avocados on hand, I decided to let nature, my crafty cooking nature, take its course.

I chose to add some oven roasted cherry tomatoes to the dish, to give it a pop of acidity, and caramelized onions for a bit of earthy sweetness.

The idea was for this to be an appetizer, but I ended up having them as my dinner, on more than one occasion. Check out the video, give the dish a try, and see if you keep from filling up on these.

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